About Us

Callund Consulting (CCL) was founded in 1975. We are an independent firm of economists, actuaries and public sector specialists providing dedicated advice to governments and industry on pension and wider social security reform. We specialise in actuarial advice, policy development and public sector reform.

CCL has 40 years’ experience providing policy advice and assisting with the design and implementation of administrative and legislative frameworks in the pension sector. We are recognised as a leading practitioner in the field, and offer a wealth of skills and practical experience to any government or company involved in restructuring their social security or pension systems.

CCL works primarily with governments, social institutions and enterprises in frontier markets, usually supported by international funding agencies and bilateral donors, such as the World Bank, EuropeAid and the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Based in the United Kingdom (UK) with affiliated offices in Germany, Oman and Uganda, we have a unique international perspective, having worked in more than 50 countries.

Our Vision

The aim of our work is to develop sustainable pensions, social security systems and ultimately capital markets in developing countries. We believe that this will help put these countries on a sustainable development path which will ultimately lead to increased affluence, more open societies and alleviate poverty. By apply cutting edge actuarial and risk management techniques to governments’ and companies’ social insurance and pensions systems, we aim to make them more resilient to shocks and help improve welfare. Callund aims to contribute to the improvement of social security and income security worldwide, helping to address the challenges of poverty, disease and ageing through the provision of independent and impartial, practical and defensible, sensitive and sustainable advice on the financing and delivery of social security.

History of Callund


  1. 1975 Callund Consulting was established in 1975 by David Callund an internationally recognised expert who has been working in the field of retirement provision since the late 1950s. The company was originally provided advice on the development of company-sponsored pension plans, pensions reform and the financing of associated liabilities, internationally and in the UK.
  2. 1978Our public policy activities date from 1978, when David Callund was appointed Special Adviser to the Chilean government of social security reform. Since this time, the company has assisted numerous governments with their social security reforms, with a particular focus on state and non-state pensions systems and regulatory frameworks.
  3. 2000Since 2000, we expanded our consulting activities and expertise to cover health and workers’ compensation. We have recently expanded our range of services to offer IT, investment and insurance advice.
  4. 2016In recent years, particularly exciting developments include work on harmonizing social security systems (in the Caribbean and East Africa), and extending social security to informal workers (in Rwanda and South Africa). We have been working extensively in Africa and the Middle East; to meet the needs of our clients in these regions,we have a long established office in Kampala, Uganda and have recently established a presence in Oman.

The Callund Approach


We believe that every country has a unique set of circumstances, and only by working within the culture of a country can we achieve effective results. We therefore seek to gain a deep understanding and cultural awareness of the countries in which we operate, and suggest solutions, which are relevant and workable for each location.


All our projects are staffed by top quality personnel who match our approach.


We treat all our work with a high degree of technical rigor.



Exemplary standards of professionalism are a necessity when working in challenging environments.


We gain a broad and deep understand of the country and economy we are working in.



Reform can only be brought about through understanding the concerns and ability to effect change of our clients and wider stakeholders.


Look to reform and improve existing system where possible before considering radical change



This must be appropriate and tailored to meet our client’s needs.

Thought leadership

CCL must be involved with and help develop the latest thinking in our field.

Public interest

Our work has strong implications for the economy, different stakeholders and future generations.

Environment, social and governance

A savings or social security system is embedded in the environment, society and the economy. It can only be truly sustainable in the long term if it has a positive impact on all three factors.