8 things to know about Callund Consulting


1. Pensions and social security in emerging markets 

We provide advice to governments and industry on pensions and social security reform. We specialize in emerging and frontier markets. Our expertise includes actuarial, policy, economics, capital markets, IT, administration and insurance.

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2. Over 4o years’ experience in 50 countries

Our company started by working on the Chilean reforms in the late 1970s. Since then we have worked in over 50 countries. We specialise in working in difficult environments and have worked in many post-conflict countries such as South Sudan and Bosnia.

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3. Thought leadership

We have a flat, egalitarian structure. All of our consultants have internationally recognised professional qualifications. Many are recognised thought leaders, with affiliations at leading universities and institutes. We believe that climate change represents a long term threat to sustainability of pensions and social security systems. We also believe that micro-insurance is a valuable tool for poor people to manage risk.

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4. Values and integrity

The aim of our work is to ensure the long term sustainability of the economies in which we operate. The manner in which we undertake our work is in the public interest. Our integrity and professionalism are paramount and we will seek to ensure these are maintained even if it is not in our short-term commercial interest to do so.

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5. The Callund approach

We believe that every country has a unique set of circumstances, and only by working within the culture of a country can we achieve effective results. We therefore seek to gain a deep understanding and cultural awareness of the countries in which we operate, and suggest solutions which are relevant and workable for each location.

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6. Leading partner organisations

We have long standing and close working relationships with firms that provide complementary services. This allows us to put together wide ranging teams but which share our values and commitment.

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7. Bespoke strategy

We design our solutions specifically for our clients. If you employ us,  you get a team led by a top consultant, all with relevant experience.

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8. Quality and value for money

All work is peer reviewed by a leading expert and we charge highly competitive rates.

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