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What we do

We provide advice to governments and industry on pensions and social security reform.

Callund Consulting has 40 years’ experience providing policy advice and assisting with the design and implementation of administrative and legislative frameworks in the social security and pensions sectors. 

We are recognised as a leading practitioner in the field, and offer a wealth of skills and practical experience to any government or company involved in restructuring their social security or employee benefit systems.

Our expertise covers the full reform cycle, supported by experience in project and change management, institutional development and training.

Our clients are primarily governments in emerging and frontier economies, often supported by international institutions and development agencies.

Recently we have applied actuarial, risk management and economic tools to consider adaptation to climate change and other long-term risks in developing countries, and innovative new social insurance tools such as micro-insurance. 

We have a unique international perspective, having worked in more than 50 countries across Europe, Central, South and Eastern Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and North America.

We are currently working in Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, UK and the United Arab Emirates. We have recently completed projects in China, Nigeria, The Falkland Islands, South Sudan, Serbia and Russia.