Global Perspective

We have a unique international perspective, having worked in more than 50 countries across Africa, Europe, Central, South and Eastern Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America.

Values and Integrity

The aim of our work is to ensure the long term sustainability of the economies in which we operate. The manner in which we undertake our work is in the public interest.

Our Services

We provide advice to governments and industry on pensions and social security reform. Our expertise includes actuarial, policy, economics, capital markets, IT, administration and insurance.

Thought Leadership

All of our consultants have internationally recognised professional qualifications. Many are recognised thought leaders, with affiliations at leading universities and institutes.

Callund approach

We seek to gain a deep understanding and cultural awareness of the countries in which we operate and suggest solutions which are relevant and workable for each location.

Leading partner organisations

We have long standing and close working relationships with firms that provide complementary services. This allows us to put together wide ranging teams but which share our values and commitment.

Quality and value for money

All work is peer reviewed by a leading expert and we charge highly competitive rates.

Who we are

Callund Consulting (CCL) was founded in 1975. We are an independent firm of economists, actuaries and public sector specialists providing dedicated advice to governments and industry on pension and wider social security reform. We specialise in actuarial advice, policy development and public sector reform.

CCL has 40 years’ experience providing policy advice and assisting with the design and implementation of administrative and legislative frameworks in the pension sector. We are recognised as a leading practitioner in the field, and offer a wealth of skills and practical experience to any government or company involved in restructuring their social security or pension systems. Based in the (UK) with affiliated offices in Germany and Uganda, we have a unique international perspective, having worked in more than 50 countries.

What kind of clients do we work with ?

Callund Consulting works primarily with governments, social institutions and other enterprises in frontier markets, often supported by international funding agencies and bilateral donors, such as the World Bank, EuropeAid and the UK Department for International Development (DfID).

What consulting services do we offer?
CCL provides policy, economic, actuarial and administration advice to public and private sectors in all major areas of social security, pensions, climate change and micro-insurance focusing on long-term planning. Our expertise covers the full reform cycle, from preliminary analysis of system weaknesses and reform options, financial analysis and budgetary projections, through to assistance with reform implementation and institutional change management.

Our Vision

The aim of our work is to develop sustainable pensions, social security systems and ultimately capital markets in developing countries. We believe that this will help put these countries on a sustainable development path which will ultimately lead to increased affluence, more open societies and alleviate poverty. By apply cutting edge actuarial and risk management techniques to governments’ and companies’ social insurance and pensions systems, we aim to make them more resilient to shocks and help improve welfare. Callund aims to contribute to the improvement of social security and income security worldwide, helping to address the challenges of poverty, disease and ageing through the provision of independent and impartial, practical and defensible, sensitive and sustainable advice on the financing and delivery of social security.

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