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The aim of our work is to ensure the long term sustainability of the economies in which we operate.

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Global perspective

CCL has a unique international perspective, having worked in more than 50 countries across the world

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All of our consultants are recognised thought leaders, with affiliations at leading universities and institutes

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Social Security

Since 1978, Callund Consulting has been providing policy, economic and actuarial services to governments in the development of their social security systems and plans for poverty-alleviation. Callund’s advice focuses on the design and application of the most efficient options for the long-term financing and delivery of secure benefit expectations in the fields of retirement, old age, survivors’ and disability benefits.

Our experience covers the full reform cycle, from the preliminary analysis of system weaknesses and the consideration of options for reform, through financial analysis and budgetary projections, including the utilization of public and private-sector financial mechanisms, to assistance with the implementation of reforms, institutional change-management, capacity-building and training.


Callund Consulting is recognised as a leading practitioner in the fields of state and non-state pension systems, internationally. It applies its expertise in the interests of governments, corporations, financial institutions and independent pension funds.

It has a history of applying its experience in Policy Analysis, Pension System Design, Economic Analysis, Modelling, Regulation and Supervision, Administration, Actuarial Valuations, Investment Strategy, Accounting, Monitoring & Statistics, Education and Training, Institutional Development

Climate Change

We have pioneered the use of actuarial and risk management tools to assess the impact of climate change and the policy options available to governments to adapt to the impacts.

We have applied actuarial valuation techniques to assess the damage caused by sea level rises in the Caribbean, the results of which were presented at the COP 16 UNFCCC conference in Cancun, we have assessed the application of innovative risk management tools to adapt to climate change for the UNFCCC, DFID and the UK’s Government Office for Science and we have investigated the long-term impact of climate change on the UK financial sector for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

Micro-Insurance and Micro-Pensions

Many developing countries have a high proportion of rural workers with little access to social protection and other financial services. We are developing innovative micro-insurance solutions, which bring modern risk management techniques to the poor. This enables poor people to become more resilient to negative impacts, such as droughts and floods, and helps them towards a more sustainable livelihood and escape poverty. Micro-insurance takes many forms; it can include micro-savings, life and health insurance.

We believe that a particularly promising innovation is weather-index insurance. This uses modern technology, such as satellite data and mobile phones, to make pay outs to farmers when a particular event occurs. So, for example if rainfall is less than a trigger value to a certain date, the farmer will receive a pay-out. The trigger is set so that if the rainfall is less than this amount, the farmer’s crops would be impacted; the payment will allow him to keep going until the next season.

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